5 Tips to Protect Your Fencing from the Elements

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Your fencing is an essential part of your property, providing security, and privacy and defining your boundaries. Fencing is an investment that requires maintenance and care to ensure its longevity. However, the Australian weather can take a toll on your fencing, causing damage and deterioration. In this blog post, we will discuss the impact of weather on your fencing and provide tips on how to protect your investment.

Impact of Weather on Your Fencing

Australia is known for its harsh weather conditions, and fencing is constantly exposed to these elements. Weather can cause damage to your fence, leading to wear and tear, rot, rust and decay. The following are some of the impacts of weather on your fencing:


Rainfall is a significant factor that can impact your fencing. It can cause the rotting of timber fences, rusting of metal fences, and erosion of soil, which can cause fence posts to become unstable.


High winds can damage fencing by breaking fence posts, causing panels to come loose, and knocking down entire sections. Timber fencing is particularly vulnerable to strong winds, as it can snap or split under pressure.


Exposure to sunlight can cause fading and discolouration of your fence. Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause cracking and warping in timber fences.


High temperatures can cause the wood in your fence to dry out, making it brittle and prone to cracking. Extreme heat can also cause metal fencing to expand, leading to warping and buckling.


Hail can cause significant damage to your fence, particularly if it is made of wood or PVC. Hail can crack or split timber fencing and PVC fencing can become brittle and crack.

Tips to Protect Your Investment

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your fence in good condition. Inspect your fencing regularly and look for signs of damage, such as loose panels, cracks or rotting wood. Repair any damage immediately to prevent it from becoming worse.

Choose the Right Material

Choosing the right material for your fence can make a significant difference in its durability. Wood is a popular choice for fencing, but it requires more maintenance than other materials, such as metal or PVC. Metal fencing is durable and requires minimal maintenance, but it can be more expensive than other materials. PVC fencing is low maintenance, but it is not as durable as other materials.

Apply Protective Coatings

Protective coatings can help protect your fence from the elements. For timber fencing, apply a sealant or stain to protect it from moisture and UV rays. Metal fencing can be treated with a rust-resistant coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Proper Installation

Proper installation of your fence is crucial to its longevity. Make sure that the fence posts are installed correctly and that they are deep enough to provide stability. If you are unsure how to install your fence properly, consider hiring a professional fencing contractor.

Seek Professional Help

If your fence has suffered significant damage, seek professional help. A professional fencing contractor can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action. They can also provide you with advice on how to maintain your fence and prevent future damage.

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