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Colorbond Fencing in Townsville

Are you looking for the perfect Colorbond fence installation service in Townsville? With Townsville Fencing Experts, you can find the perfect solution for your property. Our experts are dedicated to providing you with a premium product that will last the years. 

Our Colorbond fences are extremely durable and low maintenance, coming in a large variety of colours so you can take your pick. 

We source all our materials from the most reputable and trustworthy suppliers in Australia, ensuring you get the quality you deserve. Security and longevity is paramount and we strive to achieve this through our skilled experts and excellent customer service.

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At Townsville Fencing Experts, we understand fencing is an important and big investment for your property, that’s why we are proud to offer the best quality service and products to our customers and stand by the quality of our work and guarantee results that are second to none.

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We are an established business that has served the local community for 15 years, we have been trusted with many properties with our excellent work.


Our experienced team of fencing experts take great pride in the service and work we provide, using marketing leading supplies to ensure top-notch results.

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100% of our work is carried out in complete compliance to the national safety regulations, executing all projects with absolute precision and care.

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Everything You Need To Know About Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is a popular option for homeowners who want a durable, low maintenance, and stylish fence that offers privacy and security. Its range of colours and styles, along with its ease of installation and maintenance, make it a practical and cost-effective fencing option.

Colorbond fencing is made from a high-quality steel that is coated with a durable and weather-resistant layer of colour, perfect for the harsh Australian weather. The coating is available in a range of different colours, which makes it a popular option for homeowners who want to match their fence to their property’s colour scheme.

Advantages of Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is a popular choice for homeowners for several reasons. One of the main benefits of Colorbond fencing is its durability. The fence is made from high-quality steel that is coated with a corrosion-resistant layer, making it resistant to harsh weather conditions and long-lasting. This means that it is a cost-effective option in the long term.

Another advantage of Colorbond fencing is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike timber fencing, which may require regular treatments to maintain its appearance, Colorbond fencing does not require any special treatments to keep it looking good. It is easy to clean and only needs occasional washing to remove dirt and debris.

The aesthetics of Colorbond fencing are also a major drawcard. The fence is available in a range of colors and styles, which allows homeowners to choose a fence that complements their property’s color scheme and overall design. It can create a modern, sleek look for any property.

Privacy and security are also important factors when it comes to choosing a fencing option. Colorbond fencing provides excellent privacy, as it is designed to be tall and sturdy. This can be particularly appealing for homeowners who want to create a private outdoor space. Additionally, the steel panels are strong and difficult to break, making it a great deterrent for intruders.

Why Choose Townsville Fencing Experts?

When it comes to choosing a Colorbond installation service, Townsville Fencing Experts should be your number one choice. Our team of experts have years of experience in the industry and are highly-skilled to provide an affordable solution to meet your needs. We are highly knowledgeable when it comes to all things of fencing.

Townsville Fencing Experts offer a range of services that will take you from the initial phone call enquiry through to the installation of the final product, we take extra steps to include you into every step of the way so that the product exceeds your initial expectations.